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“Cary Fabrikant is a straight forward and no nonsense guy. He is a very hard worker for his players and a great communicator. Cary is 100% honest and he will tell you the truth whether you like it or not. At first, I really didn’t know who I was gonna pick to represent me but once I picked Cary, I could say til day this I do not regret it at all! Whatever he says he will do, HE DOES! Seeing his players make it is what’s most important to him! He will not give up on you as long as you don’t give up on him.”

Shakir Soto

Dallas Cowboys

Cary, affectionately called “FAB” by my friends and family, I met over 20 years ago on the campus of North Carolina. At that time, I thought I was at the end of my search for an agent but in classic Fabrikant fashion, after a ten minute conversation, he found himself in the race. I was immediately drawn to his unbridled energy and most importantly, sincerity. We have both grown over the last 20 plus years and experienced the ups and downs of a 15 year NFL career as well as life. The aforementioned qualities combined with his unwavering loyalty have been tested over the years but never broken. Fab’s heart is as big and good as it gets. I can rest easy knowing that no matter what, he has my back! Love you brother!

Vonnie Holliday

Former Defensive end, Green Bay Packers /Washington Redskins/Arizona Cardinals

“Cary Fabrikant is my son’s agent and he came into our lives in 2016 when my son Shakir Soto graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and was an undrafted free agent by the Denver Broncos. Cary has a high level of integrity and principal. He doesn’t make promises of trying to sell you the stars but he is a true believer that if you work hard you will reach those stars and he’s a person that would back you to the fullest extent. He’s still currently my son’s agent and I must say he’s a true agent, a good friend, and a great person. I’m just happy to say that I know a man like Cary”

Shakir Soto's Father

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